Environmental Benifits of Hemp & Economical Supply of Energy

Growing hemp as nature designed it is vital to our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure the survival of our planet.

Jack Herer

The environmental, health and industrial properties of hemp are well known to man for a really long time, however its re-introduction to the market has been increasing in recent years. Industries searching for nutritional, medicinal, industrial renewable and economically friendly materials and processes are turning to hemp for the solution. Its cultivation doesn’t rely on specific climate or soil, and is therefore found growing all over the globe.

Hemp Provides an Alternate


Paper is ready-made from hemp


Paper is ready-made from hemp. Since hemp includes a chemical compound content compared to wood, it’s turned to pulp faster and easier; this naturally bright pulp loves component bleaching, that’s used in ancient paper mills and releases a virulent substance called organic compound into the setting.

Hemp is to boot compatible with the new soy-based binders rather than the petroleum based binders that give off organic compounds. This reduces pollution and health hazards to human and animal life. The quality of paper obtained from hemp is more durable and doesn’t lose color even over a couple of years. Hemp is an exceptionally environmentally efficient plant since its paper is recycled seven or eight times, as compared to three for tree-based paper.



Hemp seeds are also one of the plant kingdom’s best sources of easily digestible, high-quality protein. Protein helps build and repair tissue and build lean muscle mass. Unlike soy, hemp does not contain enzyme inhibitors and phytates, so the nutrients in hemp can be easily absorbed by the body.



The uses of hemp jointly extend into construction

The uses of hemp jointly extend into construction


The uses of hemp extends into construction. Fiberboards created from a hemp-based composite are stronger and lighter than those created from wood.

The combo of hemp fiber and lime results in a sound-proofing and material that’s stronger and lighter than concrete. By limiting use of wood and concrete, the amount of waste matter at a construction site is reduced.

Since homes designed using hemp product have higher thermal insulation, less fuel is consumed for heating their interiors. Bio-based plastics is formed from the long hemp fibers, and make extremely strong building materials. Hemp may be a low cost construction material that’s reusable, cheaper than glass and safe for the workers.




Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids necessary to maintain healthy human life. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and play a key role in the development of lean body mass and muscular repair. Dietary protein is needed to supply amino acids for our body’s growth and maintenance.


Hemp permits a lesser reliance on fossil fuels

Hemp permits a lesser reliance on fossil fuels


The woody hemp plant is low in moisture; it dries quickly and is an economical biomass supply of wood alcohol. The waste product created by extraction of hemp oil supplies the production of ethyl alcohol.

One acre of hemp yields 1,000 gallons or 3,785 liters of fuel. Hemp permits a significantly lesser reliance on fossil fuels, producing renewable energy to meet the increasing international demands.


Hemp is Most Superior for the Environment:

  • It replaces trees providing the supply of materials for wood and paper, thereby protectiing forests. Trees take years to grow, whereas a crop of hemp will be mature within a few months. Just one acre of hemp will produce the same amount of paper per year as four acres of trees.
  • When burning hemp as a fuel, CO2 is free into the air, however this can be absorbed by succeeding crop, which may be harvested a hundred and twenty days after planting. This fast growth avoids the build-up of CO2. Also, hemp could be a terribly foliaceous plant and so contributes a high level of gas to the atmosphere throughout its growth;
  • This makes up for the loss of gas once it’s burnt as a fuel, that successively, reduces unwanted effects of world warming, acid precipitation and also the depletion within the layer on the atmosphere.
  • Air pollution is reduced since hemp is of course immune to pests and doesn’t want pesticides and herbicides to be sprayed. Little or no fertilizers are needed, since it’s abundant leaves make up the soil and unleash the specified nutrients and minerals, thereby making higher soil tilth.
  • Hemp replaces cotton as a material for producing paper and textile, and flax fiber or seed for animal feed, animal bedding and paper.
  • Soil enrichment: The hemp crop grows dense and quickly. Daylight cannot penetrate the plants to the bottom, and this implies the crop is often freed from weeds. Its deep roots use water efficiently and scale back its salinity. In addition, erosion of soil is restricted, thereby reducing soil loss and river pollution. The roots provide chemical elements and alternative nutrients to the soil.
  • Once the harvested, this soil makes excellent compost for alternative plants, and hemp cultivation will follow the rotation of agriculture with wheat or soybean.  The hemp plant absorbs deadly metals emitted by nuclear plants into the soil, like copper, cadmium, lead and mercury.
  • Fabrics made from hemp don’t have any chemical residue, and is thus safer for shoppers. Though the material contains only hemp, it will keep the ultraviolet light rays of the sun from harming the skin beneath.
  • Hemp product will be recycled, reused and it is 100 percent bio degradable. The expansion  of production of the plant is fast enough to fulfill the increasing industrial and business demand for these products.
  • Shift to hemp product can help save the atmosphere – a cleaner and greener planet for succeeding generation.



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Hemp Seed Oil Health Benefits

Hemp seed oil is an incredible wellspring of great nutrients for the human body

Hemp seed oil has a long history of use in Eastern culture as a multi-purpose common cure. In spite of its broad acceptance, its relationship with (the illegal) cannabis has kept it from regular use in the West. While the oil contains practically no THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, hemp oil is still viewed as crude to some. Thankfully, education is winning and the business for hemp seed oil is developing in the United States, with an expanding number of people searching it out for its documented medical advantages.


1. Useful for Heart Health

Hemp seed oil has a 3:1 proportion of Omega-6 to Omega-3 unsaturated fats, a combination that has been demonstrated to bolster heart wellbeing and advance improving cardiovascular capacity. These supplements an ingredient in numerous organic products and may be effective against various degenerative maladies.


Hemp Seed Oil Health Benefits

2. Underpins Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

Hemp seed oil is frequently utilized as a cream for the skin. Studies have shown that hemp seed oil can significantly relieve skin dryness and other skin disturbance. Moreover, the cell reinforcement and mitigating properties promote youthful skin while alleviating the skin.


3. Glorious Nutrition for Your Brain

Hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids, together with omega-3 fatty acid (DHA), that area unit needed for brain development. DHA is crucial to the health. Mothers WHO supplement with hempseed oil throughout their physiological state might offer brain- and eye-protective advantages for the developing baby.


4. It’s a Mercury-Free carboxylic acid Supplement

Taking a animal oil supplement is useful thanks to increase polyunsaturated fatty acid fatty acids in our diet, a nutrient that’s essential for brain development, system health, and mood regulation.

Expectant mothers definitely want to incorporate these nutrients in their diet; but, fish contains a good deal of mercury which might hinder medicine and organic process mechanisms within the un-borne baby.

Luckily, hemp seed oil works as a terrific source of these essential nutrients without a constant risk of mercury intake.


5. Supports the system

The essential fatty acids in hemp seed oil are shown to develop healthy flora within the intestines and support system response and performance. This will be terribly useful throughout the cold and frosty season once viruses are running rampant in class, work, and in everyday social interactions.



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Awesome health benefits of hemp seeds

Hemp Seeds Deliver Multiple Health Benefits

Hemp is a mixture of the Cannabis sativa (cannabis) plant, however it doesn’t contain a lot of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the primary element that delivers a high. Hemp has various mechanical uses but at the same time is a superfood that accompanies various medical advantages. You can gain the best advantages by incorporating its seeds in your eating routine.

Hemp can give you an adjusted proportion of omega-6 and omega-3 unsaturated fats, proteins, vitamin An, E and D, and numerous B vitamins. It is likewise rich in sodium, calcium, dietary fiber and iron. Hence, hemp seeds can undoubtedly furnish you with the best part of your dietary requirement for ideal wellbeing.


Medical advantages of hemp seeds:

Heart wellbeing and reduced circulatory strain

Medical advantages of hemp seeds

Hemp seeds contain key unsaturated fats that can diminish blood cholesterol. This keeps the heart healthy and counteracts plaque development in the corridors, which can eventually prompt heart attack and strokes. Its unsaturated fats also reduce irritations that can bring about hypertension and poor blood flow. Hence, hemp can fundamentally decrease the workload on your heart.

Hemp Seeds and a healthy mind

Your brain has heaps of fatty acids found in hemp. Therefore, regular consumption of hemp will forestall diseases like shaking palsy and Alzheimers and may additionally improve your memory. Hemp seeds also can alleviate symptoms of hysteria and depression and may improve your mood.


Hemp Seeds and Glowing skin

Hemp oil is generally utilized in high-end cosmetic product like skin lotions, soaps and lip balms. Hemp oil penetrates the inner layers of the skin and promotes vigorous cell growth and softer skin. Hemp is effectivee for clearing up skin disorders like skin irritations, disease of the skin and dry skin.


Hemp Seeds & Weight loss

Hemp will facilitate weight loss, as a result of it’s natural suppressant and causes you to feel full longer. Adding simply four tablespoons of hemp seed to your meal will cut back your food cravings considerably. You may also feel extra energy.


Hemp Seeds and Digestion

Hemp delivers high doses of dis-solvable strands which keep your digestive tract clear and clean. You can undoubtedly wipe out digestive issues, for example, blockage and bloating.


Hemp Seeds and Prevention

Hemp contains loads of plant sterols and cancer prevention agents that can help lessen dangers of colon, breast and prostate tumors.



Hemp seeds are useful in the event that you are at danger of diabetes, or are diabetic, as they can control your sugar levels. This is basically because of its natural fats that assist in the fast assimilation of glucose from the circulatory system and its change into vitality. Along these lines, your sweets yearnings will diminish, and vitality levels will increase.

You can add hemp seeds to your smoothies, sprinkle them in plates of mixed greens and oats, or substitute them for nuts in your preparing. Help seats are great for grinding, for making invigorating hemp seed milk or to be ground into a supper.



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