Educate Yourself About the History Hemp Prohibition

In the 1930’s, led by a small rump of lying American Politicians, Petrochemical, Financial, Mining and Prohibitionists pro Police, Cannabis was turned into a criminal and outlawed in most western countries.  The War on drugs was and is still is a criminal conspiracy, costing Billions of $ and ruining Millions of lives.  Millions of people were duped by press gang propaganda.  Please use your  Internet to let the truth be known.  Buy Bamboo Hemp Products  & Services from Save ‘Your’ World or other very good outlets, such as  Nimbin Hemp Embassy, or Hemp Embassy melting Pot.  The bamboo Hemp Industries and consumer goods are growing fast so put your money where your mouth is and help Save ‘YOUR’ World.  Divest Mining & Petrochemicals, Invest Bamboo Hemp Products.  Save ‘Your’ World?!

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